Dale Hey Farm Touring Park – Site Review


Preston Road
Lancashire PR3 3XL
Phone: 07900321372
Email: daleheypark@outlook.com

We visited Dale Hey on 14th – 16th September with a Camping & Caravanning Club Rally run by Lancs & Cheshire DA. Continue reading “Dale Hey Farm Touring Park – Site Review”

France-Argeles-Sur-Mer August 2018 Part 4

Sunday was a beach day Harriet had decreed. Well ok armed with 2nd larger umbrella off we went.

Down on the beach it was windy. Well a strong breeze. Umbrellas were being chased and inflatable unicorns were taking flight…. So no umbrella. I decided to get out the action camera and snorkel and go find some fish to film.

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New Tow Car Minefield

It’s time to change the car. For most people it’s a case of how much you can afford+how much milage+ running costs+ nice looking = your choice of a Corsa or Fiat 500 etc…. No such luck for caravanners. We are looking at facts and figures tow car awards, reviews, top speed is generally not a factor but how many Torques the car has and it’s kerbweight definitely are.

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