With just 1 week to go until the “Big Trip” the countdown has well and truly begun. Truth be told I have been counting the days, weeks, months for ages!

So what do the last few days have in store? Well the management has just 1 day left at work before the panic sets in. I have lost count of the times that we have been away together weather that is just a weekend or a fortnight camping or roughing it in some 4* hotel, yet she still flaps when it comes to packing for a trip. Packing takes me all of 30seconds, I just empty the drawer into a bag, job done?

I am working right up to the death. Well 4pm on the day that we leave. The plan is to finish work, head home, shower maybe eat and pick up the van at storage and hit the M60 – M6 – M40 – M25 – M20 Le Tunnel and then the freedom of the French Autoroute. Our tunnel crossing is around 3am so there is no rush to get there and it allows for plenty of delays on our lovely British motorway network.
Hopefully ourphones will work properly in France and data will be no issue now roaming charges are scrapped, although daughter no2 is currently in Italy and Austria and can’t get her data working and she is on the same network as us so I’m hoping we don’t have the same issue. Providing everything works you will be able to track our progress with a link that I will provide just before we leave.

So what do we still need to do before we leave?

  • Wash the van.
  • Clean inside the van.
  • Make the bed.
  • Check tyre pressures.
  • Pack clothes.
  • Turn fridge on, on gas to chill the day before we leave.
  • Prep any food to take, freeze any that can be frozen (this will help keep the fridge cold and keep the food a little longer) ie bacon
  • Pack those last minute purchases for the van, like the new awning storm strap (you never know)
  • Double check the route, the tunnel booking, the site booking, the breakdown cover, travel insurance and everything else.
  • Get all paperwork and passports together 

Believe it or not but as soon as we get on the road I will relax. That is the start of my holiday.

I just checked the tunnel booking! PANIC! I can’t find it!


      Futuroscope is a theme park in Poitiers France.
      But it’s a theme park with a difference. No roller coasters, no big thrill rides, well there is but not the usual kind.

      As the name suggests Futuroscope is about technology and innovation. “Oh boring” I hear some of you say, and the techie geeks amongst us start to get excited.
      The park is the 2nd largest theme park in France many of the attractions are based around cinema technology, IMAX technology is extensively used. Continue reading “Futuroscope”

      Things To Do, before “The Big Trip”

      It’s now only 4 weeks until our “Big Trip” so it’s back to Nerd Central, list making.

      Wash the car. I have no idea why as I am not one for cleaning and polishing my car as a rule but I do like to start a holiday with a clean car. Which really seems daft as I’m going to drive slightly over 1000 miles and if it does not rain the car will be covered in dead bugs for sure. But I still don’t wash it again when I get there even though the site has an Auto Lavage area, (car wash).
      So by the same reasoning I suppose I better wash the caravan? Continue reading “Things To Do, before “The Big Trip””

      Thinking About “The Big Trip” Again

      So back to thinking about our “Big Holiday”
      I’ve had a bit of a re-think about the route. I’m thinking of going the Tolouse route again. We have never been down south via this route and after asking the question on some internet forums it seems that the Tolouse route generally has less traffic and is less hilly and just an easier drive.

      Now the decisions start. When we get off the tunnel do we turn right or left?
      Left means we are going to head down the A26/A1 and into Paris, across Paris to Orleans then down to Limoges on the A71/A20 and on to Tolouse. Which is probably the most direct route or do we…..

      Turn right and go via Abbeyville, Rouen, Le Mans, Tours then cut across via the A85 and pick up the A20? Continue reading “Thinking About “The Big Trip” Again”

      A Long Weekend on Anglesey

      We spent the May Bank Holiday at Dafarn Rhos in Moelfre on Anglesey.
      Lancs & Cheshire D.A. have organised a THS(Temporary Holiday Site) running from 19th May until 11th June.
      We joined the rest of the happy campers on Friday 26th after a long hot day at work we then spent around 3 more hours sitting in traffic on the M56 and the A55. Continue reading “A Long Weekend on Anglesey”

      Next Trip & Jobs to do.

      No camping again for the last few weeks, seems like forever since we were last out in the van. The management has her list of jobs to do and there have been a couple of jobs I wanted to do on the van.

      So the next trip is an extended bank holiday weekend on Angelsey. Halys is off on half term that week and it’s also her birthday so I have taken a couple of days off work.

      I’ve managed to acquire and install a larger 110Ah battery and removed the broken under cupboard light and installed a strip of LEDs which also extend over the cooker and I have installed a triple 12v socket with usb ports at the front of the van to give some 12v power outlets at the front.

      Continue reading “Next Trip & Jobs to do.”