France-Argeles-Sur-Mer August 2018 Part 4

Sunday was a beach day Harriet had decreed. Well ok armed with 2nd larger umbrella off we went.

Down on the beach it was windy. Well a strong breeze. Umbrellas were being chased and inflatable unicorns were taking flight…. So no umbrella. I decided to get out the action camera and snorkel and go find some fish to film.

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New Tow Car Minefield

It’s time to change the car. For most people it’s a case of how much you can afford+how much milage+ running costs+ nice looking = your choice of a Corsa or Fiat 500 etc…. No such luck for caravanners. We are looking at facts and figures tow car awards, reviews, top speed is generally not a factor but how many Torques the car has and it’s kerbweight definitely are.

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France-Argeles Sur Mer August 2018 part 1

So it finally arrived departure day!
Monday 6th August…. Yeah strange day to go. As it happens rather fortuitous, you see the weekend was the French Exodus…. Black Friday when it seems that every Frenchman and his dog hit the road. So we missed that. All thanks to our Niece deciding to get married on the day we would usually leave for France.

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Almost Time! South Of France

It’s almost time for our “Big Holiday” and this year is bigger than usual.

We are off to exactly the same place as last year but this time for longer.
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2nd Attempt. A Night away

So the other week we didn’t get to spend the whole night at our hotel. However as we currently have a house guest in the form of Halys’ sister visiting from Australia specifically to lend a hand and help to make some decisions regarding their dad and his care we decided to try to grab a whole night.

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Lille, France, without the caravan!

So May bank holiday weekend plans were made with our Non camping friends Trevor and Jeanette, yes they are a bit strange but our friends never the less.

We have done a couple of these trips in the past, the usual itinerary is similar to

  • Drive to Dover overnight
  • Early morning ferry
  • Drive to destination
  • Fill boot with booze
  • Eat Drink & Be Merry
  • Home on Bank Holiday

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I thought it was about time I gave you a little update.

So far this year we have managed to squeeze in 3 camping trips, 2 hotel stays and a trip to France. Not bad eh?

The first 2 DA camps that we intended to go on didn’t happen. The Valentines meet was cancelled and the next one was limited space due to a misunderstanding and waterlogged pitches. So we booked direct club sites and went it alone. We visited Chester Fairoaks C&M Club site and Burrs Country Park C&M Club site. Continue reading “Update”