Updating The Sat Nav in a SSangyong Korando

Last year we bought a brand spanking new car a SSangyong Korando.
It comes equipped with a built in TomTom navigation system. The important files are stored on an 8Gb SD card. Updating the Map and operating system for the unit is as simple as downloading 2 files copying them to an SD card and inserting into the unit.

Just one issue. The unit will only read an 8Gb SD card! I have loads of SD cards but most are 64Gb so the unit would not read them. I didn’t want to loose the original info on the supplied card so I bought another. Continue reading “Updating The Sat Nav in a SSangyong Korando”

First Time Out

As you may know we have bought a new caravan, Brand spanking new. We love it! We have not even been away in it yet!

We go to The Loire valley for 2 weeks in August so we decided it might be a good idea to go away for a weekend just to make sure we can use everything. And that it all works. So we have booked a weekend at Burrs Country Park Caravan & Motorhome Club site. It’s close to home, has electric and is easy to get to.

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Finally got to go Camping!

Ok so New Year was our last camping trip…. Boooo! Talk about withdrawal symptoms.

We have been refitting the kitchen along with a new dining room/kitchen floor all while working full time. It takes a lot of time! We finally finished well nearly. It all functions and is workable. I still have to finish the tiling and decorate but that’s not too bad right?

So we managed to have a “planning” session with Mick & Michelle. They came to ours for dinner a few drinks and stayed over. Ok so not much planning was actually done, but we had fun doing it. We also decided that Easter weekend was going to be a camping weekend for certain.

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A Flying Visit to Mickey Mouse

We took a flying visit to see Mickey,
Yes that’s right, no caravan, no car. We actually hopped on a plane.

Halys and I both love Disney, we have been 4 or 5 times now and although we never spend days and days in the parks and we don’t bother with the rides we love the atmosphere, the shows, the parades and the characters.
I first saw Star Wars when it was first released in cinemas and was amazed. Disney now own the Star Wars franchise and have of course incorporated it in their theme parks. I went on the Star Tours ride in Florida in 2004. Disneyland Paris had a special season planned for January – March “The Season Of The Force” where all thing Star Wars would be celebrated. So for my 50th birthday Halys bought 2 tickets to Disneyland Paris which were valid for 6 months, her original plan to go during February half tern. Unfortunately I had booked Halys’ Christmas present for the same weekend. Doh! Continue reading “A Flying Visit to Mickey Mouse”