Planning The “BIG” Holiday Part 3

Back to planning,

So far we have planned where we are going, and how we are going to get there. So what next?

Well what to do when we get there? Is there anything of special interest to see or do in the area?  Is there something that we just can’t live without seeing, doing?

We have been twice before so we have a fair idea of what is in the area but it’s always worth doing your research. Ah research the stuff the planning nerd dreams of. Continue reading “Planning The “BIG” Holiday Part 3″

Update/New Mattress

No caravanning this week. Well no actual sleeping in the van.

While we were in Wales last weekend we decided to invest in a new mattress. We found a local company online that could supply a custom shape mattress, we contacted them by email while we were still away and got a quote and all the information we needed. I bought a tape measure and measured the original mattress and made a diagram which I attached to an email on Saturday evening ordering a 9″ deep Orthopaedic mattress with a 2″ memory foam insert. Continue reading “Update/New Mattress”

LCDA THS Ruthin Day 4

Easter Sunday, not much is going to be open so it’s a lazy day plus we have to see if the Easter Bunny has been to the site.

Yes the Easter Bunny had been to the site indeed our van appeared to have laid a couple of eggs. There were eggs on the back handles. Soon the kids started to make their way to the Marquee so it won’t be long before there is a small riot as all the kids run around finding as many eggs as they could as quickly as they could.

The Easter Bunny even visited our van. Continue reading “LCDA THS Ruthin Day 4”

LCDA THS Ruthin Day 3

Day 3. Woke early then could not get back off to sleep. I was getting a bit of hip pain in bed. We have decided to invest in a new mattress. There is a definite “dip” in my side of the bed which is not helped by the van not being entirely level on this site. We did invest in a 4″ memory foam topper which helped a bit and made the bed more comfy but it’s just not enough. The van is a 2008 model and we have no idea how much use the bed got for all we know the previous owners lived in it for months at a time and I think most caravan mattresses were never intended for everyday or prolonged use so a new mattress it is. Continue reading “LCDA THS Ruthin Day 3”

LCDA THS Ruthin Day 2

Good Friday,
A leisurely morning & breakfast then a trip to Bala to look at the lake and the railway.

En route we nipped into Tesco for the now obligatory stop to collect a few bits that we realised that we have forgotten or thought that we had left in the van for next time only to find the cupboard was bare…. ie no olive oil. Anyway we picked up a Tesco Olive Bread which is one of our favourite treats at any time.

Onward to Bala, nice little town by the famous lake. We pulled into a car park only to discover that neither of us had any cash for the meter and this being rural wales 😉 no card payment options or pay by phone which was everywhere in Cornwall’s car parks in October. Continue reading “LCDA THS Ruthin Day 2”

Planning the “BIG” Holiday Part 2

It’s Sunday morning and it’s just me and the dog. Everybody else is having a lie in. So time to take over the living room coffee table to “plan” that most important of all holiday essentials. The Route.

It’s a fair old drag from Manchester down to the south coast of France so there are lots of variables to consider. First and not insignificantly is how to get across the English Channel (La Manche as the French call it.) Do you opt for quickest/cheapest, or longer more relaxed crossing? Continue reading “Planning the “BIG” Holiday Part 2″

Oops I Broke the Blog

For about an hour last night panic set in as I Broke the blog site.

I decided in my infinite wisdom that Caravan Adventures required it’s own domain name. So off I went to register, completed the DNS settings and all was well with the world until that is I edited the settings within the site software and left a – in the site URL where there shouldn’t have been one.

So the DNS settings were now useless and the site was broke. Aa the site is hosted on a server that I own and not the WordPress servers, I tried the back door and realised what i had done. So i ended up having to go register

So now we have 2 working URLs for the site who would have thought a – could cause so many problems.