Another New Category!

Hey I’ve added another new category! I’m on a roll! Useful Stuff  is where we will share our reviews of items that we find helpful, useful, a bargain etc….. The products are all things that we use, that we chose and the we spent our hard earned cash on. Not products sent to us to review. To be honest we have not been asked but if we are in the future we may reconsider but for now it’s all stuff we bought.

Planning the “Big” Holiday

The “BIG” holiday is our main 2 week break far away from our normal lives, and when I say far I mean Far! A little over 1000 miles away.

This will be our 3rd trip to the south coast of France to Argeles Sur Mer in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. It’s only a 10 minute drive to the Spanish boarder.

We have known about this trip since August last year when we booked the day after our return. In fact we would have booked while we were there last year but we didn’t have the details of Halys’ holidays with us. So it’s been booked for ages and you would think we have it all sorted? Well not quite. Continue reading “Planning the “Big” Holiday”

Solar Panel Disaster!

So today was solar panel installation day and I know I promised a blog post of the installation but I had a major disaster!

I cleaned the roof, drilled the brackets and solar panel ready for mounting. Got everything on the roof ready. Was working out where to drill the holes for the cables to come out in the wardrobe and I had the bright idea, “I know I’ll drill from the inside so I know exactly where I’ll come out.” i.e. inside the wardrobe not outside which knowing me would be almost certain.

So I drilled 2 holes in my caravan roof and all my 12V electrics went off! After a lot of swearing i realised that there must be wiring in the roof and yes I managed to drill 2 perfect holes straight through the wiring loom!

I had to cut a section out of the roof board to gain access to the loom which I will now have to piece back together.

So the solar panel and cable entry are stuck in place and the van is watertight again but I have plenty more work to rewire my mess. On the plus side we did make sure the fridge was working properly on gas as last time I’m not sure it was.