3 Sleeps To Go – PANIC Sets in!

With only 3 sleeps now until our “Big Trip” the panic has finally hit the management. Last night she told me “you’re not helping!” True but it is quite entertaining to watch her panicing about nothing really because, well France is not exactly devoid of shops.

She stood there and told me this is the time when I start to panic and you’re not helping. I need to know what clothes you are packing!

Some shorts and some shirts I told her. You can imagine the reception that remark got. So after dinner I was marched upstairs to sort out my packing, only to find she has laid on the bed my shorts, swim shorts and of course the “Speedo’s” together with some new socks. I opened the wardrobe and took out 7 of the loudest Hawaiian style shirts I could find and added those to the pile. Job done I told her.

“You need to try stuff on to make sure it fits” I was informed. “They all fit” I said. “The shorts are all new”, ish I bought them all ready for the holiday.

So basically she paniced and told me what I was going to take anyway. She could have just packed and saved any hassle. There is way too many clothes anyway and I’m sure about half will return unworn they always do!

Anyway she is off to the storage yard today to clean down the inside of the van and pack the clothes in.