About Us

Time you found out who we are?

Paul & Halys are a married couple from Manchester
Paul is a truck driver and Halys is an Attendance Officer at a Primary School.

We met when we were 9 years old when Paul transferred  to the same school as Halys, we were then in the same class all the way through school until 16 years old. We even dated for a while after school but she dumped me when i was going off to college……

After we both had a failed marriage and 2 kids each we met again via good old friends reunited fell madly in love and the rest is history.

Our love affair with camping began when Halys’ girls went camping with their dad and loved it. Halys hated the idea of camping but the girls and i worked on her and after showing her the kind of camping equipment(clamping) i already had she gave in and we booked a week in Porthmadog.

When we arrived in the middle of a massive storm I decided there was no way i could ask a novice camper and 3 kids to erect the biggest frame tent you have ever seen, so i took them all to the Haven site Green acres which was just around the corner from Black Rock Sands caravan site where we had booked. We got a week in a static caravan and everyone loved it. So much so that we booked 2 weeks in Cornwall the next summer.

That fortnight cost us an arm and a leg! To the point that i refused to do it again as i knew we could get a better site, better weather and a better camping experience for much less money if we took our own tent over to France. Halys agreed but we decided on a new tent. Easier to put up and more modern. Hence we bought a High Gear Corado 8.    The biggest tent we could find. 8m x 5.5m

Our Tent

We found a fab looking site in Longeville Sur Mer in the Vendée. Booked it. Booked the tunnel also used Tesco vouchers to book futuroacope. The site was Lea Brunnelles, read our review here.

We loved it and have never looked back!

The following year we camped in Cornwall, the weather was not great and although the site was good value everything else cost a bomb! That site was Globe Vale. So next year was Lea Brunnelles again. And the following year too but this time our eldest girl Harriet didn’t come so Cordelia got to take a friend.

We then decided it was time to try the med. We booked at Le Littarol before we left Les Brunnelles as it was owned by the same company.

This time was just the 3 of us but Cordelia was determined not to enjoy it…. Teenagers!

Next year 2015 we went to the Loire Valley to Le Chant d’Oiseau. Had a great time touring the various Saumur winery’s but the site was a bit too English for us. Excellent site but not quite what we loved about France.

Last year back to the Med! We went to a new site very close to the last one at Argeles Sur Mer but was everything we loved. Let Soliel. This time with a brand new tent.

On the way home we talked about a caravan, by the end of August we had bought our first caravan.

Our Caravan

So this year we are taking the caravan back to Le Soliel but the van also gives us the opportunity to go away much more for much needed weekend breaks.

I’m sure that through this blog you will learn that Halys and Paul have many more strings to their bows than truck driving and attendance officering but why should i tell you all our secrets all at once?