Baked Camembert

Baked Camembert is scrummy and so easy.

You can do it in an oven, on a Cadac, A BBQ just about any heat source.

You can buy a dish with a lid known as a Camembert Baker, strangely enough you place a Camembert in it and put the thing in the oven to bake. But who is going to lug one of those around in their caravan when the weight of everything is an issue. So you can improvise.

Grab yourself some tinfoil and make yourself a little tinfoil tray. Use a few layers especially if you’re using a Cadac or BBQ as the heat is so close to the Camambert you don’t want it to burn. A lot of camembert’s come in a wooden box. You can bake it in the box but that may not be the best idea if you are using a direct flame like a charcoal BBQ.

If you’re using a Cadac it’s an idea to turn the heat down and keep the lid on.

You can bake a plain Camembert or you can flavour it with almost anything that takes your fancy.

Slice the top off the camembert if you’re adding some flavour. We have tried sliced apple on top. Caramelised Onion, Garlic cloves to name a few.
Bake the camembert and then attack it with some nice crusty bread, spread it on crackers. Just dig in.

Another idea is a “Hedgehog” bread. Cut partway through the bread to form squares. Cut out a circle to fit the camembert in the middle. Brush the bread with some olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt to taste and bake in the same way. You may want to make a thicker base to try to stop the bread burning.