Caravan Withdrawal

Yep I’m convinced I’m suffering withdrawal. Not because we decided to put the van to bed for the winter, we conciously decided not to do that. We will use the van all year! Well it seems that my have been a little optimistic.

I have been so busy for the last couple of months and there is no let up until Christmas this year! It’s not usually like this. Lots of my friends and brass playing colegues always stay busy right to Christmas, what with playing carols at shopping centres etc…. with brass bands, but I don’t do brass bands. I am a big band musician playing swing and jazz and each year since school I have managed to avoid the Christmas rush. Well this year I have been playing as a guest for a couple of other bands and that seems to have caught up with me and messed with my caravanning plans!

I have to admit I do love playing my trumpet but I equally love my time away with the management.

The only weekend I have or had free in December I stupidly booked something thinking I could take the van…… NO the local site is fully booked! So I have got to drive their and back the same day. No mulled wine for me that day!

We can go between Christmas and New Year! Well no. New Year’s Eve is our wedding anniversary (good thinking eh? Someone always throws a party for us and I never forget) well this year it’s us that’s having the party so I’ve been told we have too much to do.

So it’s looking like January! Well maybe not.

We have only made one trip to France this year, our two week summer vacation, and we usually go 3 or 4 times a year. You may remember, we LOVE Paris! And we are also having withdrawal symptoms from lack of visits to the fair city. Not to mention a distinct lack of vin rouge in the cellar at home. You can’t go to France without returning with a full boot can you? So I’d really like to fit in a cheeky weekend booze cruise at least even if we don’t get as far as Paris.

It’s time for some serious planning for 2018’s trips! Summer is sorted 2&1/2 weeks on the Med! So we need a booze cruise, and at least 11 weekends in the van.

Watch this space!