Westfield Cross Compact Chair – Review

While on our summer holiday in the South of France one of our chairs broke. No problem at home, nip to Go Outdoors or any of the Mirryad of camping supply shops.
In France these shops are a little harder to find. Lots of camping equipment seems to come from Decathlon and we did try here first but they only had flimsy folding chairs.
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Things I Have Learned This Summer

I have had a bit of an education this summer during our trip to the South of France. Some things were learnt the hard way so I thought I would share my new found knowledge.

  • Check the age of your caravan tyres!

Tyres are recommended to be changed at no more than 5 years old.

  • ┬áDon’t believe any caravan dealer when they tell you the tyres on your new van are good to go.

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Another New Category!

Hey I’ve added another new category! I’m on a roll! Useful Stuff  is where we will share our reviews of items that we find helpful, useful, a bargain etc….. The products are all things that we use, that we chose and the we spent our hard earned cash on. Not products sent to us to review. To be honest we have not been asked but if we are in the future we may reconsider but for now it’s all stuff we bought.