With just 1 week to go until the “Big Trip” the countdown has well and truly begun. Truth be told I have been counting the days, weeks, months for ages!

So what do the last few days have in store? Well the management has just 1 day left at work before the panic sets in. I have lost count of the times that we have been away together weather that is just a weekend or a fortnight camping or roughing it in some 4* hotel, yet she still flaps when it comes to packing for a trip. Packing takes me all of 30seconds, I just empty the drawer into a bag, job done?

I am working right up to the death. Well 4pm on the day that we leave. The plan is to finish work, head home, shower maybe eat and pick up the van at storage and hit the M60 – M6 – M40 – M25 – M20 Le Tunnel and then the freedom of the French Autoroute. Our tunnel crossing is around 3am so there is no rush to get there and it allows for plenty of delays on our lovely British motorway network.
Hopefully ourphones will work properly in France and data will be no issue now roaming charges are scrapped, although daughter no2 is currently in Italy and Austria and can’t get her data working and she is on the same network as us so I’m hoping we don’t have the same issue. Providing everything works you will be able to track our progress with a link that I will provide just before we leave.

So what do we still need to do before we leave?

  • Wash the van.
  • Clean inside the van.
  • Make the bed.
  • Check tyre pressures.
  • Pack clothes.
  • Turn fridge on, on gas to chill the day before we leave.
  • Prep any food to take, freeze any that can be frozen (this will help keep the fridge cold and keep the food a little longer) ie bacon
  • Pack those last minute purchases for the van, like the new awning storm strap (you never know)
  • Double check the route, the tunnel booking, the site booking, the breakdown cover, travel insurance and everything else.
  • Get all paperwork and passports together

Believe it or not but as soon as we get on the road I will relax. That is the start of my holiday.

I just checked the tunnel booking! PANIC! I can’t find it!

Found the Tunnel booking! Luckily I had printed it out as I seem to have deleted the email. I usually save this type of email to a backup folder and forward it to another email address at the very least. Often I will make the email into a pdf file and save it to the cloud. May sound a little like overkill but when you have paid £360 for something you don’t want it lost because you misplaced the paperwork.