How do I blog?

Some may think it’s an idyllic process sat in or by a caravan in beautiful countryside setting, sipping a glass of wine. Ha! Nothing could be further from the truth. For me usually I’m at work waiting. I seem to spend quite a bit of time waiting. It also gives me time to think about what I’m going to write. There is no big plan for our blog when it flows it flows.

A lot of these posts are written on my phone while sat waiting to load or unload well at least the drafts start out like this. For instance right now it’s 9:45 Tuesday 9th May and I’m in deepest darkest Staffordshire. Well the middle of nowhere waiting for a forklift driver to load this lot

Onto This

Should get about 500 on there.

Yep that’s my day job I drive a 50′ long 16′ high truck. I’m not as lucky as some like Deb Ludford who writes her blog at In Persuit Of A Dream Deb and “The Boss” are currently on a 50 day magical mystery tour around Europe, they have been to Holland and Germany so far and I’m loving reading their adventures. Some of us have to work all week and can just dream of a week away in the van I’d say Deb and The Boss are living the dream not Persuing it.

Nearly done

So when you read one of my ramblings, sorry blog posts, it may just have started life sat in a truck in the middle of nowhere.

So 504 empty pallets loaded and time to head back to the yard to recycle this load but first look at this view on my way back.

By The Way, tryping on a phone is really harx.  Must remember to bring my Bluetooth keyboard.