LCDA THS Ruthin Day 3

Day 3. Woke early then could not get back off to sleep. I was getting a bit of hip pain in bed. We have decided to invest in a new mattress. There is a definite “dip” in my side of the bed which is not helped by the van not being entirely level on this site. We did invest in a 4″ memory foam topper which helped a bit and made the bed more comfy but it’s just not enough. The van is a 2008 model and we have no idea how much use the bed got for all we know the previous owners lived in it for months at a time and I think most caravan mattresses were never intended for everyday or prolonged use so a new mattress it is.

We found a supplier in Bolton so fairly local to us and the quote they supplied for their best quality mattress which is suitable for everyday use and to have a 2″ memory foam insert in it is only £265.00 which we think is quite reasonable. So we have measured up the bed and supplied by email a diagram and have chosen an orthopaedic mattress 9″ thick with a 2″ memory foam insert from Custom Made Mattress We will let you know when it arrives and how good it is.

Bed Measurements

Another leisurely breakfast and we left site at about 12 for a trip to Rhyl. What a Dump! Sorry but we used to go to Rhyl regularly when I was a kid and the place has gone way downhill. The main car park in the town on the front underneath the main complex and no payment by card or phone again, so off we trot to find a cash point. We drove south towards Towyn. Of course the traffic was virtually stationary as it has been for years along that route. We jumped into Asda and used the cash point. Of course this meant we had a £20 note and the parking machine would only take coins! Oh Joy! we bought half a dozen doughnuts for £2 and used the rest for parking.

Off Shore Wind Farm

A walk to see the sea confirmed that it was exceptionally windy so we went for a walk around town and other than a wool shop which caught Halys’ eye there was nothing more than the usual shops selling tacky souvenirs. We did buy a tape measure and a bread knife from Wilkos. Drove up to Prestatyn for a look and then returned to the van.