Le Litteroral – Argeles Sur Mer, Roussillon, South West France

MS Vacences

Date Of Visit: August 2014      Unit: Tent

This was our first trip to the south coast of France. The company that owns this site also own Les Brunelles in the Vendee which we have visited 3 times and absolutely loved, so for our first venture this far we decided to stick with a company that we trusted to provide a high standard. We were not dissapointed! 

We had planned well for the long drive south or so we thought. We did not expect to get all the way to Perpignan, we had bought a small 4 man tent with the idea of pitching on the grass at an Aire, but as we got further south the ground looked rockier and dryer and not so comfortable so I decided that idea was a non starter. We arrived at the site at 8pm ish and had a quick look around. We then headed back to Perpignan via the local Intermarche for some food to find a hotel for the night. Should have booked in advance!

We arrived at site around 11 am and checked in, was given a pitch which tured out to have a tree stump in the middle, fine for a caravan but not for a tent. We were given the choice of 3 other pitches. We found one against the back wall that worked for us. It was a little cramped but we still had room to put up the 4 man tent to house the stroppy teenager while we had the 6 birth tent to ourselves.

The site has all the facilities that we expected.

  • Pool
  • Bar
  • Shop
  • Lanudrette
  • Sports Facilities
  • Entertainment
  • Kids Club
  • Access to the beach

The pool was great nice and warm, almost like getting in a bath, not as themed as the one at Les Brunelles but big enough.
Access to the beach was by a rear gate and a short walk down a dirt road to a car park which led to a sandy path through the low dunes. Carrying all the stuff down to the beach was a bit of a chore so we tended to drive down to the car park and then walk through the dunes. On stepping onto the beach it became clear that to the left clothing was optional. In fact almost everyone to the left were naked. To the right people were wearing slightly more but not much.



There was plenty of high quality bathroom’s around the sight with good showers, and washing up facilities.


The shop was fairly well stocked but as usual we didn’t rely on it and used the more competitive local supermarkets.

There is plenty to see and do in the area and this being our first visit to the area we had a couple of must see’s on our list.
#1 was a trip to Barcelona.
Barcelona was 1:45h away according to google maps and so off we went. Turned out to be a very easy drive with no hassle. Lane discipline driving into Barcelona left a little to be desired but don’t panic and all will be fine.

#2 Perpignan.

#3 Collioure.

Argeles Market
Argeles Market
Argeles Port
Bar Area
Dry River in Argeles