Les Brunelles – Longeville Sur Mer, Vendee, France

Date Of Visit: August 2013, 2012 & 2010 (3 Visits)
website: https://www.ms-vacances.com/location-camping-club-vacances/camping-longeville-sur-mer-les-brunelles/

What can we say? We love this site!
This was our first site in France and we think we found an absolute gem! The site was owned by Camp Atlantique who owned 3 sites in the Vendee, Les Brunelles being the “Flagship” There is an amazing pool complex which they upgraded with a new slide between our first and second visits.

When most UK campers venture to the Vendee they seem to gravitate to St. Jean De Monts. Its not surprising as there are loads of large campsites there and a well developed promanade/beach area. Many of the campsites deal with the likes of Eurocamp, Siblu & Canvas Holidays etc… which lots of first timers use to make the whole process easier. In fact booking direct with a French campsite is usually cheaper and is very easy. Just book and then find a channel crossing to suit your needs. We usually use the tunnel or Dover Calais as they are considerably cheaper than the longer crossings.
When we visited Jean De Monts it was very crowded and lots of shops selling the usual holiday tat. In fact it felt kind of like Blackpool but with sun.
Les Brunelles is further south in a commune called Longeville Sur Mer which is much quieter but still busy enough.

The site is now owned by MS Vacances which seems to be related to Camp Atlantique in as much as I think the same family own both businesses. They expanded quite rapidly and MS Vacances seemed to take most of the larger sites while Camp Atlantique whilst having more sites has the smaller ones.

Les Brunelles is a typical large French Site. it has all the usual facilities:

The site was well kept and pitches were in the main seperated with a hedge of some description. There is a bit of a walk to the beach through the pine forrest across the road from the site entrance. The beach was a bit of a let down if you wanted to swim as there were rocks just into the water. A short drive south was a much nicer beach or a longer walk.

There is plenty to do in the Vendee area which is kind of an extension to the Loire and is also known as Loire Atlantique. As well as the towns and villages to visit such as Le Tranche Sur Mer, Les Sables-d’Olonne and La Rochelle there are a couple of big attractions within driving distance.
Futuroscope  at Poitiers is a theme park based around futuristic buildings which house 3D & 4D cinematic shows as well as plenty of activities for kids.
There is also a nightly show on the lake using fountains to project images onto.


Puy Du Fou is a Medi Evil Theme park showcasing some of the history of the Vendee, Some of it seems to have used some “Artistic License” as I’m not so sure that there was a Roman Ampitheatre or Viking Raiders. Basically there are 6 main live stunt shows many including animals. A medi evil village and many other attractions.
There are 2 evening shows Les Orgues De Feu which is every weekday evening and La Cinesceine which is only at weekends and you can see why when you learn that the show employs over 3000 cast members.
Top Tip: Go to La Cinesceine on a different day to the “Grand parc” as it really is just too much to do all in one day.

Puy Du Fou


Photos from around the site 

The girls washingup
Toilets, Showers & Sinks
Bar Area
Our Pitch