May Bank Holiday Caravanning -NOT!

O.M.G! it’s May Day, the 1st of May a bank holiday Monday and I am NOT in a Caravan!
How on earth could this possibly happen? I mean it’s not every weekend that you get an extra day is it? Well O.K. there are 2 bank holidays in May but how did I let this one get away?
Well it appears that I had agreed to decorate the kitchen. Apparently I said “After Easter” I don’t recall specifying which Easter! and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have agreed to a “Camping Weekend”.
Campsites do get very busy at bank holidays and who can blame all those campers taking advantage of that glorious extra day? We would probably have found a D.A. meet or a nice little CL site for a less busy experience but NO I was stuck up a ladder painting and hanging wallpaper.

Chris Painting
This new stepladder will be great for cleaning the caravan roof

We needed a new stepladder in order to do the decorating so we decided on a multi function one that fold up small enough to transport but also creates a platform with a decent height. as a bonus the height should be great for cleaning the van.

So the decorating is finished. Everything has been painted, the wall has been papered and the management is happy, for now anyway. There is still a “To Do list” which includes re tiling above the work surface and new kitchen cupboard doors but those have not yet been ordered so I get a rest.

New paper

Anyway to ensure such a travesty does not happen again I have booked a couple of days off work for the next bank holiday weekend which is 25 days 3 hours and 51 min away not that I’m counting or anything? Oh Yeah it happens to be the managements birthday that weekend so some non camping friends have been invited for a couple of nights….. This could get messy!

The dog testing the paintwork