New Category – Nerd Central For Caravanners.

I have just added a new category to publish posts under.

Trip Planning

I “Plan” to take you on the journey of planning our trips with me.(did you see what I did? “Plan”? – suit yourself! I thought it was funny.)

Planning is probably the Nerdiest part of caravanning and camping. You can get all excited over a list, spend hours pouring over a map. And you can do it all from the comfort of your armchair in the dark winter months when many people don’t like to venture out to a campsite. Each to their own. After the purchase of our caravan we are now year round campers! That means we can plan in the dark winter months from the comfort of our van as well as at home. Winner winner chicken dinner!

So look out for our first post on planning our “BIG” holiday, 2 weeks on the Med.