Next Trip & Jobs to do.

No camping again for the last few weeks, seems like forever since we were last out in the van. The management has her list of jobs to do and there have been a couple of jobs I wanted to do on the van.

So the next trip is an extended bank holiday weekend on Angelsey. Halys is off on half term that week and it’s also her birthday so I have taken a couple of days off work.

I’ve managed to acquire and install a larger 110Ah battery and removed the broken under cupboard light and installed a strip of LEDs which also extend over the cooker and I have installed a triple 12v socket with usb ports at the front of the van to give some 12v power outlets at the front.

Next job is to finally finish installing the motor mover. This is an ongoing saga since October when we first bought the van parked the it in its storage location. We managed to source a 2nd hand motor mover at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. We took it to Cornwall with us and I set about bolting it all in place on our pitch in the rain. I still need to run the cables in and connect it all up, the easy part? Hmmm you would think. I need to get right under the van to install the cables, that’s not easy and uncomfortable in a wet muddy storage yard. Luckily where I work has a garage workshop with a pit, really for trucks but the van will fit nicely and it’s dry! I’ve managed to arrange to take the van into work on Saturday morning to use the pit.

The motor mover is now all connected thanks to a couple of hours over the pit.

I bought some replacement car battery cables from Halfords to make connecting the battery and isolator switch easier. Probably a bit heavier then was needed but belt and braces approach means no risk of cables melting so no fire worries. It’s all done and everything works so I get to play next time out.
It also gave me a good chance to have a really good look under the van. I was pleasantly surprised for an 8+ year old van it was very clean and in good condition. No signs of any problems under there.

Next Trip

We are going to Dafarn Rhos, a campsite on Anglesey which has a large rally field that Lancs & Cheshire DA have booked to use for a Time Holiday Site. This is an unusual site for a DA meet as it’s a proper campsite with the usual facilities, toilets, showers and even electric hook up and all at quite a saving over the site’s usual fees.
The bonus of a fully equipped campsite and a THS is that non members can stay in a members unit, so a couple of our non camping friends are coming to stay for a couple of nights. Watch this space, they may decide they like camping.

Look out for our trip report plus we plan to video the approach to the campsite from the bridge onto the island for @legsdown on Twitter to add to their ever growing list of arrival videos