No Camping & New Bits n Bobs

Not camping again this weekend! But I have ordered a new bigger leisure battery a 110ah unit instead of the 75ah one that came with the van, that should last us longer and the solar panel will keep it topped up. I also decided to add a 12v socket to the front of the van so we can plug the TV in at the front of the van I just need to figure out the best method of adding an aerial point to the front.

The socket that I bought has 3 cigarette lighter outputs and 3 usb outputs so we can charge phones etc as well. I’m going to connect that to the cables which were intended for connecting a solar panel but as I connected ours inside the wardrobe to the charger cables it’s not needed. I’ll add an inline fuse holder to protect the wiring and keep everything safe.

I have yet to replace the light over the sink with LED’s but I am still waiting for some cable to make a connection point. I have some connectors left over from when I made our LED Awning lights and an inline switch that plugs into the connector. So I can make a nice neat arrangement that can also be used to connect other 12v devices.

It’s been a hectic week at home with the return of the prodigal daughter from her travels down under. So we have an extra body in the house, work has been very busy and I have been waiting on things arriving to complete the different projects on the van.

Our next trip is the Spring Bank Holiday weekend when we are going to Anglsey with the Lancs & Cheshire D.A. who are operating a THS (Temporary Holiday Site). Some non camping friends of our are planning on joining us for a couple of nights including Halys’ birthday…… Things Could Get Messy!