Solving Air Locked Water System

So this weekend we had terrible problems getting water running in the van.

I tried everything. Thought we had a leak.

The usual procedure when setting up is.
Close All Taps
Fill Aqua Roll
Turn Pump On
Wait until pump stops running.
Open Tap usually starting with shower and wait until smooth running water. Then do the same with sink and kitchen sink.

Well this worked fine until I opened up the hot tap. All I got was air!

I checked everything. The pump was working. I couldn’t find any leaks!

After the 4th or 5th time of draining and re priming the system I noticed the aqua roll sounding like it had run dry, but I knew there was water in it. I moved the siphon tube and hey presto!

It seems the tub was floating to the top and sucking air.
We needed to keep the tube at the bottom of the barrel. A weight or a rigid tube?

The solution a piece of 25mm electrical conduit cut to length and slid over the plastic siphon tube.










Cost £3
I did have to take apart the connector and remove the clip but it literally just pulled off, slid the  tube over and pushed the connector back together.
The length of the siphon pipe that goes inside the barrel is now rigid and reaches all the way to the bottom.

This solved our problem!