Baked Camembert

Baked Camembert is scrummy and so easy.

You can do it in an oven, on a Cadac, A BBQ just about any heat source.

You can buy a dish with a lid known as a Camembert Baker, strangely enough you place a Camembert in it and put the thing in the oven to bake. But who is going to lug one of those around in their caravan when the weight of everything is an issue. So you can improvise. Continue reading “Baked Camembert”

Steak Night

One of our favourite meals in the caravan or tent for that matter is a nice Juicy steak.

Usually with some nice garlic mushrooms potatoes or even chips (oven chips) or we may cheat and buy some chips from the take away, and usually some nice green beans (harricot vert in France)

We have even been known to venture into some rarer types of steak.
A lot of people pull a face when we tell them that when in France we will often buy a horse steak (Cheval). Horse is not an animal that we eat here in the UK but I really don’t know why it is very tasty and very lean. We eat Beef and Pork here but in some countries the very idea of eating pork is enough to sicken some people.

We went to a food fair in Manchester where there was a stall selling rare meats so we just had to try a few. We purchased, Ostrich, Wild Boar, Kangaroo and Zebra. The most surprising of all of these was Zebra. Very tasty, very tender, and a very unexpected colour. We cooked all of these at a family BBQ and cut small pieces so that all the guests could try. The Zebra went down the best of all closely followed by Horse.

As the saying goes “When in Rome….” well France? We decided that we should try local foods wherever possible so horse was on the menu, Frogs legs in Paris was something else. But that was not in the caravan 😉

Caravan Food

When we tell people we go camping we quite often get a response like “Ewww what with all those creepy crawlies sitting on the floor and eating beans and sausages every meal. Not For Me! You must be mad!”

Well far from it. Even when we had a tent we never sat on the floor and I don’t think we have ever eaten Beans and sausages. One massive selling point about getting a caravan over the tent was that a caravan has an oven! An oven means that cooking becomes much more like cooking at home gone is the 2 rings and grill and we now have 3 gas rings, an electric hot plate, a grill and an OVEN! Continue reading “Caravan Food”