Caravan Food

When we tell people we go camping we quite often get a response like “Ewww what with all those creepy crawlies sitting on the floor and eating beans and sausages every meal. Not For Me! You must be mad!”

Well far from it. Even when we had a tent we never sat on the floor and I don’t think we have ever eaten Beans and sausages. One massive selling point about getting a caravan over the tent was that a caravan has an oven! An oven means that cooking becomes much more like cooking at home gone is the 2 rings and grill and we now have 3 gas rings, an electric hot plate, a grill and an OVEN!

An oven means we can roast meat, a roast chicken, cook a Pizza, Garlic Bread. We have always had a Cadac. A Cadac is a marvellous gas BBQ/grill/griddle/wok/-/-/- etc…. the list goes on. It is possible to cook Pizza, Garlic Bread, roast a chicken etc….. and lots of people find lots of ingenious ways to use them. I recently watched a vlog of someone who had just bought himself a new roasting pan for his Cadac, so off he went to the garage door set up his Cadac and proceeded to cook a chicken and roast potatoes on the Cadac in the garage at home! The result was an edible chicken but the potatoes looked like lumps of coal, not very appetising. There was far too much heat directly onto the roasting pan.

While the Cadac is marvellous for cooking breakfast and for BBQing I do love it, but since we have had the caravan it has not been out of it’s storage bag. The Cadac is a Gas cooking device which has no form of ventilation or fume control and despite numerous warnings about cooking inside a tent or awning with gas or charcoal etc due to a number of deaths from Carbon Monoxide poisoning I still see people who should know better cooking on the Cadac etc inside an Awning. I even saw on a recent vlog one being used inside a tent and very close to the tent wall, close enough that a good gust of wind would have had the tent wall in contact with the Hot Cadac body. Ever seen how quick Nylon melts/ burns? So I will only ever use the Cadac outside and I am not standing out in the wind and rain and almost sub zero temperatures to cook what can be cooked inside in a perfectly good oven.

We do eat well when we are away. There is no point in slumming it. So I’ve decided to share some of the things we like to cook/eat when we are away so I’m adding another new category to our Blog. Food.

The first recipe I’m going to share is one for the BBQ but can be used in the oven too. Ever had Hunters Chicken? Well I’ll share my recipie for BBQ Sauce great on Chicken or Pork in the oven or on the BBQ.