Squeezing in a cheeky weekend

Some friends, Rose & Derek suggested we get together on a campsite soon. We agreed it was a great idea! And said we will make a plan and get back to them.

Well it was not looking hopeful! Upon consulting our diary it was looking very bleak for getting away in the van this side of Christmas, with my Trumpet playing commitments and kids moving out, and life in general. I identified the weekend of November 11th. Rememberance weekend. I’m usually busy playing the Last Post somewhere and it’s an honour to do it but I’ve not been booked yet so I could miss one year right? No the booking came it so that weekend is out.

We had a reshuffle and freed up a weekend in October, found a CL half way between us, we are both members of both clubs so finding a site was no issue. Rang up and booked 2 pitches.

Now for the history.

We met Rose & Derek along with Pam & Alan and Ian & ??? on a holiday to Santa Susanna near Barcelona. We had all arrived in the same flight not knowing each other and left good friends!

We stayed at a Fergus Hotel all inclusive adults only, very posh etc. The hotel has its own cocktail, a Fergus! It was purple and may even had smoke coming from it. Maybe not but it should have. It’s quite potent!

The management once arrived home to find myself and her dad absolutely streaming drunk after an evening of trying to recreate this Fergus cocktail. Yes we didn’t waste the ones that went wrong….lol

So our next camping trip is middle of October, look out for the site review as it’s a new to us site. Site arrival footage will of course be supplied to @legsdown and we may produce a bit of video ourselves….. There’s a scary thought for you! I may even share the recepie for the deadly Fergus, it involves Vodka, Blue Curacao and Passion Fruit Liquor it’s very nice!