Things I Have Learned This Summer

I have had a bit of an education this summer during our trip to the South of France. Some things were learnt the hard way so I thought I would share my new found knowledge.

  • Check the age of your caravan tyres!

Tyres are recommended to be changed at no more than 5 years old.

  •  Don’t believe any caravan dealer when they tell you the tyres on your new van are good to go.

I checked condition of the tyres on our van they looked brand new! No cracks no wear! I didn’t know about the date code and even if I did they were on the inside of the tyres so I would have had to remove the tyres to see it, as the dealer should have done when they serviced the van before we bought it. 3607 means this tyre was made in week 36 of 2007 this tyre was 10 years old

  • French Bugs think I taste delicious

I have always had some weird reactions to insect bites, but whatever bites me in the South Of France is something else! The bite goes red and itchy and then blisters. The blisters contain a thick sticky liquid.
This year one on the back of my leg got infected and I ended up seeing a DR.

  • French Doctors charge Sunday Rates!

I was charged an extra 15 Euros to see the DR on Sunday, even though the DR told me to come back on Sunday! The absolute cheek!

  • French Pharmacy charge Sunday Rates

The Pharmacy bill contained a 3 items. I had only bought 1. 10 tubes of ointment. One item was the tubes, one was tax (VAT) one one was a “Holiday” charge! What I didn’t ask you to open on Sunday. If i’d know I could have come back tomorrow! The absolute cheek!

  • Cellulitis Hurts. And requires lots of treatment!
  • Don’t Travel in France on August Bank Holiday or “The French Fortnight”

The French invade the roads in August normally at weekends and if you can avoid it DO NOT travel! Find out when its holiday weekend and stay home! Or better still stay on your campsite well out of the way. It Gets Very Busy!

  • France is a fantastic place for a holiday

even despite all of the above